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With Hookline&, you won’t get the usual big-agency song-and-dance.

There’s no three-day brand discovery workshop in Palo Alto. You won’t wait months for our ‘heavily designed, light on insights’ strategy deck or waste time chasing coverage that buyers never see. Instead, we head straight to the hard questions that create strong thought leadership content.

How do your top execs communicate your product benefits and category story? 

Where are buyers getting stuck with believing your product promises? 

How can we use content to help sellers overcome objections at critical deal moments?

Simple pricing & immediate progress

Starting from $5,000

per month with a minimum 6-month engagement

Pinpoint where deals are wobbling and create precise messaging

Deliver multiple high-quality pieces per month

Build a searchable library of content to use in critical sales moments

Use simple metrics & feedback from your sellers

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Turn your CEO into your top sales tool


A step-by-step guide to creating thought leadership that will win you 6-figure deals.

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What to expect from Hookline&

Junior content people chasing high-level traffic & generic insights on broad SEO topics 

Endless hours spent chasing media hits, awards, and strategy decks that go unused

Bamboozling monthly reports that justify hours & puff up impression metrics  

Differentiated content angles that fix obvious holes in your sales process 

Immediate progress with two high-quality pieces going live every month 

Simple metrics focused on what matters: helping sellers win more deals

Skip straight to the decision makers.

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